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Achieving more together

You support us in realizing our vision to give something back to nature and the environment. With the creation of TicoRico “save nature” we have laid a foundation to give every consciously acting person the opportunity to join and do something “good”. We are concerned with the permanent protection of existing resources and the re-creation of these through sensible reforestation programs without economic interest. Therefore, we also start completely different and put the protection of existing resources in the first place. Renaturation forward is only successful if I secure the foundation accordingly. This is for us one of the most important elements for a renaturation.

Nature conservation is the basis for environmental and climate protection. With “save Nature & create Resources” we are taking the most important step of all to preserve and reproduce the foundations of nature. Thus, nature conservation also stands for CO2 neutrality as well as CO2 offsetting.

We are only concerned with the preservation of nature in all its diversity.

TicoRico Project Nature stands for:

active protection of land areas for industrial threat

active protection of primary forests

protection of habitat for animals

reforestation of land areas used for industrial purposes

creation of new primary forest structures with species typical for the country

revitalization of animal habitat

promotion of local structures

promotion of the combination of nature & man

and much more


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San José is the capital and largest city of Costa Rica, and the capital of the province of the same name. It is in the center of the country, in the mid-west of the Central Valley, within San José Canton.

Elevation: 1,172 m
Population: 339,581 (2017)

healthy enviroment - healthy life



How to support


Here you can support our core project with a classical sponsorship.

You take over a sponsorship for an area of land individually selected by you in size for a period of at least one year and support TicoRico in the preservation, protection and of course in the expansion of our nature reserve.

Your sponsorship ensures the habitat of a variety of animals and different species of plants and trees that are locally settled.

Whether it is land, natural water sources, or even participation in our reforestation program to restore primary forest structures, you can play an invaluable part in securing nature’s resources with TicoRico.

Anyone can adopt a sponsorship, young or old, private or business. For yourself or as a gift for the family. As a tree of life for birth or also for passing away and returning to Mother Nature.

The origin of life on the planet is the same for all of us.

How to support


Become a partner of our project – support our project out of conviction in the lasting preservation of nature and its resources.

If you as a person, whether private or business, share our view on the conservation of nature and the creation of new and lasting resources without economic benefit, you are invited to apply as a partner of TicoRico Global.

As a partner you have the possibility to join our project with your own land.
This means that you put your land under your own conservation and commit yourself to protect and sustainably manage it within the framework of our project. Sustainable means with the goal to build up structures similar to primary forest.

The nice thing is that you can become our partner worldwide. Because the fundamental conservation of nature and its resources is a global issue.

However, it remains important that “we are not talking about climate change” but about the preservation of nature in its diverse and irreplaceable form in the plant and animal world.

– A wonderful effect of our work is CO2 neutrality and CO2 offsetting –

Our goal is a common goal – we “grow” with and through nature

How to support


People with heart, awareness of nature and function in the cycle of life are invited to create something meaningful.

As investors you can support our project in the form of general project donations to help us realize the TicoRico vision. The vision of a true conservation organization that with the right approach will drive the regeneration of “Patchamama”.

Here you can be an anonymous investor or a public investor. Of course, if you wish, you will be integrated into the development processes and can actively participate yourself or accompany the creation of TicoRico “Project Nature” with confidence in our team.

There are different possibilities to become active as an investor in our project, feel free to contact us and present your vision of a commitment to our project as an investor.

nature is man’s cure – it is irreplaceable

How to support


“Together we create more faster”

With TicoRico Donations – Crowdfunding we offer you the opportunity to support selected projects within our regional commitment.

TicoRico “social” focuses specifically on the promotion in matters of culture, sports, families and children and also education.
There are many projects that we will implement out of our conviction of local necessity.

Among other things, the construction of schools and educational facilities is planned for the future, in which, for example, local children can also specifically learn how to deal with sustainable nature, in addition to the basic teaching content.
Many of these contents are not accessible to the people and especially to the children and it is a matter of the heart for us to support here. In the end, our project is a cycle. But there is still much more to do…

We invite you to join our donation crowdfunding.
What donation crowdfunding is, how it works and why it is risk-free for you. Learn more here.

In the next few months we will present the individual projects in detail and you can get an impression of our commitment and decide whether you want to support us.

save nature - create resources


How You Can Support Us
Discover the diverse ways you can contribute to the conservation and enrichment of our nature. Every form of support positively impacts our environment – for nature and for us all.

Save Nature:
Expand our nature reserve by sponsoring a specific area of land and optionally a water source. Choose the size and duration of your sponsorship to help us provide and maintain a safe habitat for wildlife.

Create Resources – Plant a Tree:
Do you want to leave a green footprint? Decide how many trees we should plant in your name. Your commitment helps create new habitats for animals and strengthens nature.

General Project Donation:
If you want to support us flexibly, a general project donation is ideal. We use your donation where it is needed most at the moment. This form of support gives us the flexibility to respond quickly and effectively to current needs.

Every Contribution Counts:
Every form of support helps preserve and promote the beauty and diversity of our nature. Your effort makes a difference – for nature and for the lives of us all.

Protect Landscape

Save Nature from 2 USD/EUR


Decide here for a sponsorship in the category "Landscape" or "Landscape + Water" and choose in the next steps the size of your land area.

Sponsor Now
Plant a Tree

Plant a tree for only 39 USD/EUR


You want to plant a tree, then you've come to the right place. Help us to create new resources and plant a tree with us.

If you wish, you can also sponsor an area of Land.

Become part of the TicoRico community - nature says thank you"

Sponsor Now
General Donation

Save Nature from 1 USD/EUR


We use your donation where it is needed most at the moment. This form of support gives us the flexibility to respond quickly and effectively to current needs.

Sponsor Now
Safe area
Tree seeded
Tree planted
First leaves

Discover TicoRico Project!

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