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"Be a Nature Conservation Hero! As an individual or a company, you can support TicoRico in preserving the purity and protection of nature in our diverse projects. Join our community and contribute actively to the conservation of our precious environment."

Companies play a crucial role in nature conservation, and there are several reasons why they should engage in protecting the environment.

Firstly, by participating in conservation efforts, companies can reduce their ecological footprint and promote sustainable business practices. This can help minimize environmental impacts, use resources more efficiently, and mitigate climate change. For example, utilizing renewable energy, reducing water consumption, and introducing eco-friendly packaging can enhance a company’s environmental performance while lowering costs.

Secondly, companies often gain a competitive advantage through their involvement in nature conservation. In an era where many customers have a growing environmental awareness, they often prefer businesses committed to conservation. A positive environmental track record and a sustainable business strategy can strengthen customer trust, increase brand loyalty, and open up new market opportunities.

Furthermore, companies advocating for nature conservation can directly benefit from a healthy environment and biodiversity. By protecting and sustainably utilizing natural resources, businesses can enhance their own long-term profitability and resilience.

Our project is supported by the community:

Costa Rica / Guanacaste / Nicoya

Just a few facts why your company should

go the "ExtraMile"


Investing in recovery of damaged ecosystems, such as reforestation and wetland restoration.

Transparent Communication:

Open presentation of conservation measures to gain the trust of customers.

CO2 sequestration through natural habitat protection:

Support for projects aimed at reducing and capturing CO2 emissions, such as protecting natural habitats and reforestation.

Employee Involvement:

Training and engagement of employees in CO2 reduction measures and nature conservation projects.

Customer Loyalty:

Development and marketing of sustainable products and services to attract environmentally conscious customers.


Involvement of locals and creation of jobs (e.g., forestry with fair working conditions).


Collaboration with environmental organizations to implement conservation projects and enhance the company's image.

Long-Term Perspective:

Continuous investments and improvements for long-term positive impact.

...and this is howyour company benefits:

Positive Brand Perception:

Environmental conservation activities give your company a positive image by emphasizing your commitment to social and ecological concerns.

Innovation Promotion:

Focusing on environmental protection promotes innovative approaches in products and processes, positively impacting your market position.

Competitive Differentiation:

Companies actively involved in environmental conservation positively differentiate themselves from competitors and can be perceived as pioneers.

Demonstration of Social Responsibility:

Through environmentally friendly practices, your company demonstrates social responsibility, increasingly valued by customers.

Customer Retention and Loyalty:

Environmentally conscious customers increasingly seek companies that share their values. Sustainable practices promote customer retention and long-term loyalty.

Positive Word of Mouth:

Customers tend to recommend positive environmental initiatives, leading to word of mouth and natural spread of your message.

Appeal to New Target Audiences:

Environmentally friendly initiatives not only attract environmentally conscious customers but also expand your target audience base.

Long-Term Value Creation:

Environmental conservation activities contribute to generating long-term value for your company by establishing a sustainable foundation for business operations.

Your customers as Nature Heroes.

We firmly believe that companies should involve their customers more centrally in environmental conservation, not only to maximize profits but also to build stronger customer loyalty. This belief forms the core of our invitation to you to actively participate in conservation efforts with us and make a sustainable contribution to our environment.

Through your commitment to environmental conservation, you not only demonstrate your concern for the environment but also create a platform for a closer connection with your customers. Companies that involve their customers in environmental activities not only promote a positive perception but also build stronger customer loyalty.

We see sustainability as a shared responsibility between companies and customers. Your participation in conservation not only strengthens the connection between you and us but also allows for the creation of a strong community capable of achieving more together.

Your contribution to conservation not only highlights your company as socially responsible but also provides an opportunity to stand out from others. This differentiation can not only enhance your image but also lead to positive press, media presence, and encouraging reactions on social media.

At TicoRico, we are committed to long-term sustainability. Your commitment to conservation not only preserves the environment but also lays the foundation for a sustainable future.

Together, we can make a difference. Contact us today to find out how you can actively participate in conservation and collectively bring about positive change.

How can my company take action?

Full commitment to nature

Conservation Investments from a Business Perspective, Focus: Renaturation, CO2 Sequestration, and Customer Loyalty:

By engaging in nature conservation, your company signals its responsibility towards the environment and society. The protection of nature also directly impacts the availability and quality of natural resources that businesses require for their operations. By preserving ecosystems and sustainably utilizing resources, companies can ensure their long-term supply security.

Furthermore, companies have the opportunity to actively contribute to the preservation of ecosystems and biodiversity through partnerships with Ticorico. This can not only have positive effects on the environment but also strengthen collaboration with other stakeholders and open up new business opportunities.

Your company, through its commitment to nature conservation, can not only make a positive contribution to the environment but also benefit from various advantages. From improved corporate image and customer loyalty to cost savings and strengthened employee engagement, conservation measures can contribute to long-term sustainable and successful business operations.

nature's elixir of life

Your Co2 Calculator

CO2 Binding and Conservation is so important

The CO2 sequestration of a tropical tree develops over the years of its life as follows:

  • Juvenile growth (0-5 years): During the first years of a tropical tree’s life, it usually grows quite rapidly. A tree can sequester between 1 and 5 kilograms of CO2 per year during this time, depending on the species and growing conditions.
  • Mature phase (5-20 years): During this phase, tree growth continues to sequester CO2, but at a slower rate compared to the juvenile phase. A tropical tree can sequester between 5 and 15 kilograms of CO2 per year during this period.
  • Adulthood (20-50+ years): A mature tropical tree can typically sequester between 10 and 25 kilograms of CO2 per year. CO2 sequestration peaks during this time and remains relatively stable.

Conclusion: on average, a tropical tree will gain 1 kg of CO2 sequestration per year up to the age of 25 and then remain relatively stable. Of course, this is somewhat variable depending on the tree species. But it clearly shows how important conservation is as a basis for the preservation of nature. With annual clearing (internationally estimated) of approx. 10 million hectares of mixed forests (tree age 15-20 years and older) it is easy to calculate how many new trees have to be planted to compensate this directly. That is why the protection of existing trees is so elementary important.

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AGE ("The older a tree, the higher the CO2 bond")
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CO2 - BONDING (For single tree per year in kilograms - midrange)


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SQM - REQUIRED (Required land for trees)


TOTAL CO2 - BONDING (per year)


Our certificate guarantees the implementation of your package on behalf of your friend, your friends or customers and shows your personal commitment to nature conservation – GUARANTEED!

Take action - get involved now!

"Become a part of our Nature Hero Community today and be a pioneer for sustainable actions with the environment at its core. We firmly believe that it's time to forge closer connections between businesses, the environment, and customers to bring about transformative change for the future."

For Your Company:

Give your responsibility a face. Through active participation in nature conservation, you not only demonstrate social responsibility but also positively differentiate yourself in a competitive market. Companies that integrate environmental protection as a central concern not only establish sustainable business practices but also create a strong foundation for long-term success.

For the Environment:

Every action matters. Our collective commitment to nature conservation helps protect ecosystems, conserve resources, and shape a sustainable future. It is time to take joint measures to preserve our planet and safeguard it for future generations.

For Your Customers:

They are the key to change. We believe that customers should be actively involved in environmental conservation. Your participation not only creates a deeper connection between you and us but also allows us, as a community, to have a greater impact. Customers who join forces with companies for the environment not only experience sustainable products and services but are also part of a movement making a positive contribution to the world.

Take action now by joining us!

Contact us today to learn how you can actively participate in nature conservation. Together, we can shape a sustainable future and make a difference.

healthy enviroment - healthy life


Support our Projects
Who can Participate

How to support

our project in different ways.

With a sponsorship you show an awareness for nature and protect an important habitat for plants and animals. You can decide on the size of the land area or the extent of the sponsorship yourself. There are pure land areas available or also land areas with the so important water sources. In addition, we offer the possibility of renaturation – give a new life “a tree” its name. Nature will thank you for it.
As an investor you have the possibility to give something back to nature and help to realize our vision faster. This is not an investment on an economic basis but an investment to give something back to the world “without replacement” as it corresponds to our own philosophy. Together we create something great.
Our Project TicoRico “social” offers purposeful the possibility of a donation Crowdfunding. One of our other priorities is to invest in education, culture, children and infrastructure. For this purpose we invest from the income of the project in different areas. Some of these projects require enormous efforts for realization, mostly financial efforts that we alone and in cooperation with the communities and municipalities can not handle. With risk-free crowdfunding, you can make targeted donations to specific areas so that they can be realized together.


Who can participate

In our project, individuals as well as companies can get involved and participate on a donation basis.

individuals of any age (for minors please bring their parents)

companies of any size

public institutions / municipalities / communities

private institutions

0 sqm
Total area

It will be expanded over time

0 sqm
Reforestation area

And this is just the beginning

0 sqm
Water area

Springs, rivers and streams


And we continue to plant


Will be protect in our project

Tons co2

Our Project bind 1075 tons of CO2 per year

get in touch with us


Contact us and together we can plan your NatureHero vision of the “Extra Mile”.


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