White throated magpie jay
Description: The white-throated magpie-jay is a large Central American species of magpie-jay.
Common Name: Calocitta formosa
Family: Corvidae
Habitats: Magpie-jays are noisy, gregarious birds, often traveling in easy-to-find flocks, mobbing their observers.
Range: It ranges in Pacific-slope thorn forest from Jalisco, Mexico to Guanacaste, Costa Rica.

Spectacular, large, and often conspicuous jay of tropical lowland forests, plantations, and semiopen areas with hedges and tall trees; prefers drier areas, but locally in rather humid situations. Usually in small groups and can be surprisingly inconspicuous if feeding quietly. At other times, unavoidably noisy and impossible to overlook. No similar species in range. Note crest, white face and throat, and long white-edged tail.

The most important animal species of


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